German Shepherds (Female)


Given Name: Gipsy

Titles/Show Ratings: V, SCH1, KKL1,BH, SG200(BSZS 2010- World Championship)

Certifications: Hips A2, Elbows A1 ZW 75!

Over medium size, medium strong, type and expressive bitch with good stability. High withers, good line, good croup, good front, very well angulated hindquarters. Balanced chest proportions, straight front. Correct sequence, fluid movement, effective hind thrust. Safe nature, UCB pronouncedly ;does out. Gipsy is a loyal and loving companion who is very playful with the grandchildren. Her pedigree is top notch with several VA dogs throughout. I am very grateful to have her a part of our family.

To view Gipsy’s pedigree click here