Retired Mastiffs (Female)


Given Name:  Maddie

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal

Maddie has a “clean pedigree” of all old English bloodlines including Greiner Hall, Albion and Mill Creek. She is a sweet laid back girl who loves everyone. She has a wonderful build and gorgeous head. She has passed on her wonderful traits to our Mongo. She loves going to the hospital and making new friends but is just as content laying on the porch.

* Maddie competed in her first shows in Marietta, OH, on April 10-12, 2005, taking 1st place 12-18 month bitch puppy all three days and getting Reserve Champion 2 of the 3 days. She achieved her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certifications in March 2006 and continues to regularly visit the area hospital and nursing homes. Maddie has matured into a very large girl weighing in at 186 lbs. She has blessed us with our Millie and Mongo and is now retired from breeding. Maddie crossed the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly this summer. She is greatly missed.


Given Name:  Daisy

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  PRA clear by parentage Hips prelim good

Daisy is from our 2007 Scarlet/Dozer breeding. She has the beautiful apricot brindle coloring of her father. She is strong, outgoing, and friendly yet calm and loving. She is a clown at home but transitions into one of our best working therapy dogs when at the hospital.

She is now retired and lives with a wonderful family in PA.


Given Name:  Millie

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  PRA clear by parentage Hips prelim good

Millie is a singleton puppy from our 2007 Maddie/Tucker breeding. She has her mothers beautiful face and her father’s reverse brindle coloring. She loves to talk to us in her Chewbacca voice. Millie is great with kids and does well on therapy visits. She is housebroken and knows her basic obedience. Millie crossed the Rainbow Bridge as result of a kennel fire 9/13/12.


Given Name:  Winnie

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  OFA Good

Winnie is from our 2007 Gracie/Eragon litter which was Gracie’s last breeding. She resides with her foster family in New Albany where she is very much loved. Winnie was recently here for health testing and has excellent hips on x-ray.


Given Name:  Ruby

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG


Ruby is our Millie/Mongo puppy who resides with her foster Mom Shelly and big sister Maggie. I love this bloodlines and look forward to watching her grow up. Shelly tells me she is confident, curious and outgoing. She also is a bit vocal like her mother with her chewbacca noises.


Given Name:  Scarlet

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  CERF, PRA Clear by parentage, OFA Excellent hips, OFA normal                           elbows

Scarlet was our Gracie/Goliath girl. The apricot color is so beautiful and we got many compliments on her coat. Scarlet has crossed the rainbow bridge.** Please see Scarlet’s page for more information and photos


Given Name:  Gracie

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG

Certifications:  OFA Excellent, CERF, PRA Clear

Gracie was our foundation female that made us fall deeply in love with the breed. Her admiration and dedication to our family was indescribable. Her pedigree included Foxfire, Perigen and Briarcreek and she was a Columbo grandaughter. Gracie was a joy to own and was a wonderful therapy dog. She blessed us with our Scarlet, Isabelle and Winnie. Gracie was retired from breeding long ago and remained our beloved companion her entire life. After a long-lived, happy, healthy, and carefree life, Gracie has crossed over the rainbow bridge. She will be sorely missed.