Retired German Shepherds (Female)


Given Name: Jenny

Titles/Show Ratings: SG, SCHH1,KKL1

Certifications: HD:A1, ED:A1 Normal

Jenny is gorgeous and with an outstanding temperament. She loves people and eager to please. She is very athletic and has a beautiful red and black coat. She is a Kwantum daughter has an excellent pedigree packed with VA dogs.

To view Biene’s pedigree click here


Given Name: Vanna

Titles/Show Ratings: Pending

Certifications: HD a-fast normal ED normal

Vanna was bred in Germany and has very impressive pedigree with several VA Champions throughout. She is a Quantum and Orbit granddaughter. Vanna is the sweetest girl and is very calm and loving. She has the most gorgeous rich red color to her coat.

To view Vanta’s pedigree click here


Given Name: Bella

Titles/Show Ratings: N/A

Certifications: N/A

Bella is from our Biene/Fritz litter last year. Our niece Emily is training and showing her in 4H this year. Bella is very smart and gorgeous like her parents. Emily is doing a great job with her. Bella took first place in 4H obedience and showmanship!


Given Name:  Omina

Titles/Show Ratings:  SG


We obtained Omina from a respected trainer in Germany. She is a V rated (excellent in show) large female with a beautiful red coat. She is extremely intelligent and has achieved her SchH3 title. She is devoted to her family and would be protective if necessary. She has wonderful off lead obedience and is gentle with children. For more information on Omina please visit Omina’s page.


Given Name: Ina

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: HD A Normal hips/elbows normal,ZW 79

Ina was imported by us from Germany. She is a lovely girl who is calm, friendly and outgoing. Her obedience is excellent. Ina is V rated (excellent) at show and has achieved her SchH 1 title. Her hips and elbows are great and her ZW is only 79! She has an excellent pedigree of top V rated German Shepherd Dogs and she is a granddaughter of both VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll and VA8 Neptun von Bad-Boll! To view Ina’s pedigree-click here. Ina is retired.


Given Name: Ava

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: OFA Hips, Elbows clear

Ava is from our last Venja/Daulf litter and resides in a foster home with a wonderful couple. Her foster mom has completed basic obedience training with Ava and they are involved in pet therapy. She hopes to certify Ava as a therapy dog and will be CGC evaluated in the near future. Ava has also joined our SAR group. She is friendly and outgoing and loves people.


Given Name: Diva

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: HD-OFA: Excellent

The Mittelwest kennel name speaks for itself. This is one of the top kennels in the USA which has consistently produced high quality dogs that excel in competition. Her looks, excellent hips and great temperament are what we strive to reproduce. Her pedigree can be seen here. Diva is retired from breeding.


Given Name: Venja

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: OFA

Venja is a wonderful girl with a fantastic pink papered West German pedigree. She is calm, loving and obedient with the family yet will hold her ground to other dogs and strangers. She has a nice body type and a beautiful soft coat with excellent markings. Her pedigree is made up of all Schutzhund 2 & 3 titled dogs with excellent conformation and hip ratings. Click here to see her pedigree. She is line bred on Zamb Wienerau, Uran Wildsteiger Land, Quana Arminius and Quando Arminius. See Venja’s page for more photos. Venja is now retired from breeding. She recently crossed the rainbow bridge.


Given Name: Inka

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: N/A

Inka is a medium-sized, powerfully built female with outstanding focus and drive. Her intelligence is above average, as well as her inertia. She is very quick having powerful strength, showing a presence that commands respect. Her temperament is of a calm and confident nature. She is gentle and affectionate with the family and small children. She is completely reliable with unswerving handler loyalty, offering top-level security in any situation. Inka is a German import coming from West German working lines. Her father and mother are both Schutzhund III titled. Her grandfather is the renowned V-Bandit van Gogh SchH3 2xBSP participant. Bandit is over 20x’s Schutzhund 3. There are several dogs on her pedigree (including her mother) that have participated in the Bundessiegerprufung (BSP) shows and all dogs on her pedigree are Schutzhund titled. Her drives are outstanding, she has the heart of a champion. Inka’s lines go back to Half vom Ruhbachtal, Timmy von der bosen Nachbarschaft, Sagus vom Busecker Schloss and many other outstanding German Shepherd Dogs. Nearly all being schutzhund 3 titled with high scores. Click here to learn more of her pedigree. Click here to see Inka’s puppy page. Inka is now retired from breeding. She resides with a wonderful family in PA.


Given Name: Greta

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: N/A

Greta was our delightful Inka/Daulf girl. She does well with her obedience and loves to herd. Top German bloodlines on both sides. Her drive is tremendous. She is very devoted to her handler. Greta has excelled in her Search and Rescue training and loves to track. She was donated and is now a K9 for the Belmont County Sheriffs Department and is doing great. Greta obtained her drug and tracking certification and was sworn in as a deputy for the department. The department brags she is the best tracking dog they have. She has been certified in Ohio and West Virginia. We are very proud of her! Greta has a little brother Diego who is also a working K9. He obtained his drug and tracking certification at 9 months of age, by far the youngest dog tested. He works for an area police department and has a great handler. Local training and support is available for K9 handlers in our area. Please contact us for more information.


Given Name: Josie

Titles/Show Ratings: SG

Certifications: N/A

Josie was our heavy boned foundation female with a tremendous heart and drive. Josie gave to us endlessly through her work and play. She was very agile and did well in dog sports as well as obedience and therapy work. She had the most stable temperament. She was the type that could jog or play fetch with the kids all day then help me herd up the horses or rid the farm of groundhogs. She was a nice mix of DDR and West German working lines. She produced beautiful large boned pups that have made wonderful family and sporting dogs. Josie was long ago retired from breeding and remained our beloved companion her entire life. She recently passed over the rainbow bridge. She was a wonderful friend and will be sorely missed.